BEIJING RM1999.00 (05/12/2014-11/12/2014)

7D6N BEIJING – SKI TOUR  RM1999 (05~11/12/2014)

Day 1 Kuala Lumpur  - Beijing 

Day 2 Beijing (B/L/D)
Beijing trip starts with the tour to the Summer Palace. Being the largest imperial garden in China, the Summer Palace was first built in the Qing emperor Qianlong’s time in 1751 and burned down in1860 by the French British army. It was restored in 1886 by the Dowager empress Cixi for her own enjoyment. The garden became a favorite haunt of Cixi, who preferred it to the Forbidden City, and named it Yihe Yuan, meaning the garden of health and harmony. Pray at the Ming dynasty-built Nan Dou Ya Mosque after lunch – a Mosque with unique Chinese style & hundreds years of history. After that, we will do some shopping at Fresh Water Pearl Center, where the best pearls will be presented. Enjoy the wonderful Acrobatic Show when dinner is done. 

Day 3 Beijing (B/L/D)
Visit to the Jade Museum to have a better understanding on china culture. Today is the highlight of our China tour, the climbing of the Great Wall of China, which was first built in the Warring States period (475-221BC) as a series of earthworks erected by individual kingdoms as a defense against each other as well as from invasions from the north. The present day wall was left from the Ming dynasty. Lunch will be taken at a local Muslim restaurant nearby. Shopping at the Crystal Shop. Visit to Burning Cream Centre. We will ski at the Snow World in the afternoon. Please note that our price includes entrance fee for skiing. There is an additional charge for skiing and renting skiing equipments which is on your own.

Day 4 Beijing (B/L/D)

Visit Tian An Men Square in the morning -- the largest city square in the world, bordered by the Great Hall of the People and Chairman Mao’s Mausoleum. Then tour to the Forbidden City, the complex of imperial palace, which was home to the Emperors for over 500 years. Grand halls and courts gradually give way to more intimate domestic quarters, giving an insight into the pampered isolation of the emperors. Shopping at the most famous Silk Store, where you will find the most exquisite silk products. The first place to go in the afternoon is Niujie Mosque -- the oldest Mosque with over one thousand year’s history. Dzohor and Asar prayers will be held here. Stop by at Muslim Supermarket – the only supermarket for Muslims in Beijing. Coming next is a professional Foot Massage at the Herbal Medicine Center. Enjoy a fabulous tea ceremony at the Tea House. Dinner will be served at the most famous Xin Jiang Muslim Restaurant. Head to the most popular Ya Xiu Market for a blast shopping.

Day 5 Beijing  (B/L/D)        
A photo stop at The Bird’s Nest and The Water Cube opens the Forth day of our fantastic Beijing trip. Then we will do some shopping at near by Olympic Sponsor Jewelry City, followed by Bamboo Carbon Shop. The first place to go after lunch is Xiu Shui Market – the most popular bazaar in Beijing. The rest of the time will be devoted to China’s No.1 Shopping Street – Wangfujing, where we will also take a look at its Night Food Supermarket.

Day 6 Beijing  (B/L/D)
The morning time will be left for you to get packed. After check-out is done, we will be served a tasty Halal lunch. And the time before departure will be spent at the famous Hong Qiao Market as the last chance shopping. After a well served Halal dinner, our guide will accompany you to Beijing International Airport for the midnight departure flight taking off at 02.30 am (next day).

Day 7 Beijing- KL Flight

Package termasuk:
Ø       Tiket penerbangan
Ø       Airport tax
Ø       Hotel taraf 4*
Ø       Penginapan hotel 2orang sebilik
Ø       Makan 3x sehari 
Ø       Semua tiket masuk ketempat lawatan
Ø       Tour guide berbahasa Melayu/Indonesia/English
Ø       Berat bag 15kg pergi 15 kg balik
Ø       Air mineral
Ø       Sekali makan dalam k/terbang pergi & balik
Ø       Insurance perjalanan (RM10,000 saorang)
Ø       Visa
Tidak termasuk:


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    1. insyaallah kalau diizinkan..
      nanti akak share gmr2 yg makcik akak pergi...


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